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    August 2022 Release

    Rialto Ordering and Invoicing for Electronic Orders

    August 2022 RialtoNGS-????, NGS-????, NGS-????

    Starting in August, we are beginning to move all Rialto libraries to the new ordering and invoicing system for electronic orders. This process is planned through the rest of the year and we will notify you 4 weeks in advance of your move date. These changes will improve your experience in the following ways:

    • Reduced invoice quantity
      • Ability to combine all platform orders in a single invoice
      • Ability to include Ebook Central orders with Rialto orders in a single invoice  
    • Standardized invoice format aligned with ProQuest products
    • Improved ability for ProQuest to proactively manage provider-related ordering issues
    • Invoices available in Alma at the same time as the PDF
    • Prepaid deposit accounts
    • Option to automatically update Alma invoice as PAID when PQ receives payment

    Print orders are not impacted by these changes and you will continue to receive invoices as you do today.

    The following invoicing options are available with the new ordering system: 

    • Frequency can be daily, weekly, or monthly
    • The following fields can be used to combine or separate your invoices
    • Platform
    • Fund
    • Purchase type
    • Ebook Central transactions can be included in your Rialto invoices. This is typically used for DDA, extended access, or upgrade purchases directly in LibCentral

    By default, we will send as few invoices as possible. Invoices will be sent weekly, combining platforms and funds within a single invoice. 

    Deposit accounts are now available for any orders using the new ordering system. They have the following benefits:

    • Self-serve using the ProQuest Invoice Portal
    • Real-time balance tracking, including orders not yet invoiced
    • Ability to add funds to your account at any time
    • Ability to manage which transactions can be paid using the deposit, including Ebook Central transactions

    Over the coming months, all pub-direct platforms will be moving to the new ordering system. Until each platform is moved, invoicing will continue as it was prior to the August release. Once the platform is moved, the above invoicing and deposit functionality will be available.

    With the release of the new ordering system, you will see a change in order statuses for your Rialto orders. You may see the following statuses:

    • Order Received
    • Sent to Provider
    • Fulfilled by Provider
    • Access MARC sent
    • Invoiced
    • Invoice Paid
    • Cancelled
    • Not Yet Published

    Search and Auto-Suggest for Apply Templates

    August 2022 Rialto idea exchange Idea ExchangeNGS-6979

    Rialto now enables libraries to quickly and efficiently search for templates and apply them to the Cart or Orders Awaiting Approval. The enhanced search feature uses predictive text to the Apply Templates function that enhances search efficiency and reduces time spent searching.

    Screen Shot 2022-07-22 at 10.11.15 AM.png

    Apply Templates search function

    Date Last Sold

    August 2022 RialtoNGS-6874

    Users are now able to see the date a title in the market was "Last sold" which adds a better inclination for the title's availability (a title sold more recently is more likely to be easily sourced). The Last sold field will be displayed in the offer details with the date of the last sale.

    When an offer has no date of the last sale, "Unknown" will be displayed in the field.

    Offer details displaying date last sold field

    Date Last sold field displayed in offer details 

    Allow Duplicate Checkbox Added to Cart

    August 2022 Rialto idea exchange Idea ExchangeNGS-7070

    In testing: An optional Allow duplicate checkbox is ready to be enabled for use in the Cart and Order's Awaiting Approval. When enabled, a checkbox is displayed at the top of all cart values and when checked "allows" items with holdings to be submitted in the order. If a cart item has a holding attached to it and the user did not select the checkbox, a message appears to let the user know the order may not go through after a final holdings check. Note, if you are part of a consortia, Network Zone holdings will be included in the check. On cart confirmation, when holdings have been identified, the user is prompted to check the box to allow the order to proceed or remove it from the cart. 

    Screen Shot 2022-07-22 at 1.02.34 PM.png

    "Allow duplicate" checkbox

    Please contact Rialto customer support to enable the "Allow duplicate" feature. 

    New Filters for Publisher values

    August 2022 Rialto

    There are now two fields present in the query builder (used in advanced search, recommendation feeds, title alerts, and selection plans) for you to use to better refine your results when including or excluding publishers. The new fields are "Publisher (contains)" and "Publisher (exact)." The "Publisher (contains)" field allows for you to enter free text for a name value, and when used in a search, will either include or exclude all related values that contain the name entered. The "Publisher (exact)" field requires for you to select an exact name after entering text, and when used in a search, will either include or exclude all the values that fall under the exact text selected. Previously, the publisher field was performing an exact search, so all profiles that utilized the publisher field have been replaced with "Publisher (exact)."


    New Publisher fields

    Exclude Network Holdings for Selection Plans

    August 2022 RialtoNGS-7456

    Rialto now allows universities that are part of a consortia to exclude network holdings from all list results in selection plans. This exclusion process executes both when drawing up the list of plan results for review and when executing the purchase/add to Demand Driven Acquisitions (DDA) actions.


    Network holdings optional exclusion on Selection Plan configuration screen.
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