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    An installed custom plugin is properly coded but behaves unexpectedly

    • Product: Rosetta
    • Product Version: 6.x - 7.x


    An installed custom plugin is properly coded but its behavior is unexpected.


    The plugin's metadata XML file contains 'deployName' value that is already used by other installed plugin.

    Defect Status

    A fix is tentatively planned to be released as part of Rosetta SP 8.0:
    Rosetta will block installation of duplicated custom plugins (a plugin that its "deployName" already in used by Rosetta) followed by a notification explaining the situation to the user.


    1. Set a unique 'deployName' value for the plugin's metadata XML found in '/PLUGIN-INF/' directory of the plugin (e.g. '/PLUGIN-INF/metadata_DuplicatedPlugin.xml').
    2. Install the plugin (do not 'Upgarde').


    • Article last edited: 17-Feb-2021
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