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    Rosetta fails to 'Rollback' an IE that contains CMS metadata leaving it locked, following decommission of external CMS system

    • Product: Rosetta
    • Product Version: 5.0.1+


    Rosetta fails to 'Rollback' an IE that contains CMS metadata leaving it locked, following decommission of external CMS system.


    Running 'Rollback' action on an IE that contains CMS causes Rosetta to check for any discrepancy between DB to the latest METS found in Permanent storage.
    If such discrepancy is found, Rosetta tries to retrieve the CMS metadata from an external CMS system (e.g. Aleph).
    Since the external CMS system is decommissioned, Rosetta does not get any response, which causes the IE 'Rollback' to fail, leaving the IE locked.


    Please remove CMS metadata for any affected IE/s.

    • To manually remove the CMS metadata:
      1. Access the affected IE/s Web Editor → Select the IE level → Select the Metadata tab.
      2. Click the 'Remove' button of the CMS metadata.
      3. 'Commit' changes.
    • To mass remove CMS metadata from multiple IEs:
      Run a process that uses the 'Unassign CMS' task-chain (OOB exist since Rosetta v5.0.1) on a set of IEs.

    • Article last edited: 04-Feb-2021
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