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    How does Rosetta manage Derivative Copy representations?

    • Product: Rosetta
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Local 

    Representations with preservation type "derivative copy" are specific in many ways:

    • Derivative copies can be ingested by the user, generated by Rosetta as part of the SIP processing or generated after initial IE ingest using the Create Derivative Copy Representation task chain.
    • Rosetta allows only one derivative copy with a given REP Entity Type and representation code per IE
      Adding a derivative copy to an IE that already has a derivative copy with the same entity type and code using the Create Derivative Copy Representation task chain overwrites the existing representation.
    • Files from derivative copy representations are not described by METS but are visible in the Web Editor.
    • Files from derivative copies are not included search results.
      For example, if you search for e-publications derivative copies, no epub file extensions would display in the search results or format related statistics in the UI nor via a SRU.
    • Derivative copy files are not preserved, whether ingested or created by Rosetta.
      Preservation related jobs (e.g. planning, risk extraction) cannot be run on the "derivative copy" preservation type representations.
    • Derivative copy files are stored in operational storage, not the permanent repository. 
    • Derivative copy representations can be exported with the IE from the Web Editor or with the IE Export job. 
    • Information about derivative copies is part of the METS exported using getIE Web Service
    • To add additional Derivative copies to existing IEs after initial ingest, refer to this article, consult Rosetta Rosetta Staff User's Guide and see Add derivative copy representation job or Add derivative copy with a service. 
    Information about derivative copies in documentation: 

    Rosetta AIP Data Model, Introduction, Appendix B – DNX Data Dictionary
    Rosetta Staff User's Guide, Chapter 42, Derivative copy representations

    • Article last edited: 12-09-2018
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