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    Rosetta 8.0 Service Pack - Special instructions for Solr upgrade and rollback

    • Product: Rosetta
    • Product Version: 8.0


    Rosetta versions 7.1 - 7.4 use Solr version 7.3.1.
    In Rosetta 8.0, Solr was upgraded to version 8.11.2.

    Special instructions for service pack 8.0 installation (and rollback)

    During Rosetta 8.0 service pack installation:
    A backup of the current Solr index from each IDX server is created under: $op_dir/indexes_backup_solr_7.3.1/<IDX server hostname>/

    For Rosetta environment with Solr-Cloud and Collection Replication Factor* larger than 1, a backup of Solr 7.3.1 index Replicas from each server is created under: $op_dir/indexes_backup_7.3.1/<IDX server hostname>/replicas/
    * For more information, please refer to Rosetta "SolrCloud Configuration Guide" document (link)

    This means that installation might take longer than usual and that enough storage space must be available under Operational Shared Storage ($op_dir) and under "/exlibris" storage mount (or the custom mount that holds current Solr index data).

    Check current size and path of the Solr index data from dps linux user 

    • awk '/{split($0,a,"="); print a[2]}' $dps_system/conf/ | awk 'BEGIN{FS=OFS="/"}NF--' | xargs du -sh

    In case Solr out-of-the-box credentials were changed for a Solr Legacy environment, after Rosetta 8.0 is installed, each IDX role Application server must have identical credentials in following Solr configuration files:

    • $dps_dev/solr/server/solr/basicAuth.conf
    • $dps_system/conf/solr/prop/

    In case Rosetta version 8.0 is rolled back to the previously installed Rosetta version (i.e. using util sp in the Linux command line interface):
    Solr indexing will not work - in this scenario Rosetta's features/screens that depends on Solr (e.g. 'Search for Objects' screen, SRU, etc) will not work as well.
    There are two options to resolve this:

    1. Re-index the whole repository (Rosetta Administration  General  Index Status → Click 'Reindex Full Repository' from both 'Permanent Index' and 'Operational index' tabs).
    2. Clean leftovers deployed indexes (optional: backup this directory before proceeding):
      rm -r /exlibris/dps/d4_1/profile/solr/data/
    3. Manually copy the Solr index directory* backup of the relevant server hostname from $op_dir/indexes_backup_solr_7.3.1/<IDX server hostname>/ to the deployed Solr index directory** in each IDX role server of the environment.
      *  Meaning, sub-directories like "collection" and "sip_collection", excluding "replicas" directory (see "Note" below).
      ** Out-of-the-box Solr index directory path is: /exlibris/dps/d4_1/profile/solr/data/
           To check current Solr index directory used, run (in a IDX role server):
      grep $dps_system/conf/|cut -d= -f2

    With option 2 above-mentioned: entities indexed by Rosetta 8.0 (before rollback) will be missing from Solr index after restoring the backup.

    For Rosetta environment with Solr-Cloud and Collection Replication Factor* larger than 1 -

    • In step 2 above, also perform (optional: backup these directories before proceeding):
      rm -r /exlibris/dps/d4_1/solr/server/solr/*collection_*
    • In step 3 above and with each IDX role server of the environment, also copy the Solr Collection Replication indexes' backup directory of the relevant server hostname from: $op_dir/indexes_backup_7.3.1/<IDX server hostname>/replicas/
      to the deployed Solr Collection Replication index directory: /exlibris/dps/d4_1/solr/server/solr/

    • Article last edited: 28-Sep-2023