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    SIPs locked after updateRepresentation

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Rosetta

    Problem Symptoms:
    After updateRepresentation (ADD file) a SIP was locked, and needed to be unlocked by support.
    The new fileIDs are not in the METS record and are not searchable.
    No new METS version was created - only 1 version

    When a record is manually unlocked, some previous processes are rolled back and not created.
    Therefore when unlocking a record we need to verify the process was completed or re-run it.

    A new METS version was not created, by creating a new version - a new METS is created AND the record is being indexed again.
    To create a new version:
    1. Select the IE and lock it.
    2. Create new mets version - e.g. assign AR or update MD.
    3. Commit
    4. Now the METS version contains all the files.

    Category: Rosetta

    • Article last edited: 5/7/2014