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    Solaris 11 env.:SP installation failed with wget error

    • Article Type: Known Issue
    • Product: Rosetta
    • Product Version: 4.1


    Using the util to install a Rosetta SP, installation is aborted with the following error in the log:
    INFO: Using /usr/sfw/bin/wget for WGET
    INFO: Retrieving linklist
    INFO: jdk1.7.0_75.SunOS.i386 added to download list
    INFO: openssl-0.9.8zf.SunOS.i386 added to download list
    INFO: Download proccess started in /exlibris/ftp_from_exlibris
    INFO: Check the log file /exlibris/dps/d4_1/log/wget_product.log for progress
    Installing 3rd party products. This may take a while
    rm: /exlibris/dps/d4_1/log/create_prod_links.log: No such file or directory

    This happens because the current wget version Rosetta is using doesn't work with Solaris 11.


    Until a permanent solution is implemented, you can manually copy the wget on each server from the util directory to the product directory:
    cp -p /bin/wget /exlibris/product/wget-1.12/bin/

    Then normal installation can be continued.

    Category: Installation, Service Pack

    Subject: Installation, Upgrade, Removal