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    Unable to create Metadata Extraction/Format Validation/Virus Check Error Rule when "Error Message" is long

    • Product: Rosetta
    • Product Version: All


    Unable to create or save changes when a Rule contains a long Error Message (larger than 2000 bytes of characters) from:

    • "Submission" → "Rules" → "Metadata Extraction Error" / "Format Validation Error" / "Virus Check Error" screen
    • "Technical Issues" screen of either "Submissions" or "Data Management", after selecting either:
      • "Remember my decision concerning this combination of format and error message" option and clicking on "Save" button, from "Format Validation" or "MD Format" screens.
      • "Remember my decision concerning error message" option and clicking on "Save" button, from "Virus" screen.
      with Rosetta versions to, the following "Technical Issues" screen behaviour may also be experienced for the affected IE / SIP:
      • Permanent's TA shows that "Problem" is "% failed", clicking on it shows that each Validation Stack issue have "files" (e.g. instead of "1 files").
      • Unable to Ignore an IE from Permanent's TA screen.
      • Unable to Rerun IE from Permanent's TA screen.


    A long Error Message (larger than 2000 bytes of characters) is returned by MDExtractorPlugin, FormatValidationPlugin, VirusCheckPlugin.
    The Error Message value is stored in the Rosetta's DB by a VARCHAR2 data type (limited to 2000 bytes).


    For Rosetta versions to -
    Do not select "Remember my decision concerning..." option from "Format Validation" / "MD Format" / "Virus" screens when the above-mentioned Plugins return an Error Message longer than 2000 bytes of characters.
    Instead, create the relevant Rule manually (from "Submission" → "Rules").

    Defect Status

    There is no plan to remove the limitation of 2000 bytes of characters per Error Message.
    Instead, Error Messages should be truncated by the Plugins or a Rule should be created manually.
    For each Rule created / saved, the sum size of all "Error Message" entries' value, must be up to 2000 bytes of characters.

    The above-mentioned faulty behavior of Rosetta versions to experienced after "Remember my decision concerning ..." option is used is tentatively planned to be resolved in Rosetta version

    • Article last edited: 29-Aug-2023