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    What is a jhove.conf file and how do you edit it in the JHOVE plugins?

    • Product: Rosetta
    • Product Version: 7.2+
    • Community knowledge - Author: Jan Hutar


    jhove.conf is a file included in each JHOVE plugin. It contains references to different metadata schemas so that they can be fetched by Rosetta and stored locally on Rosetta server (/exlibris/dps/d4_1/system.dir/conf/jhove).

    The jhove.conf file must have <module> entries for each module included in the plugin’s /lib directory, i.e., if the plugin includes external JHOVE modules in /lib, they need to be listed in the jhove.conf file for the plugin to work. See below:



    Each plugin may define its own jhove.conf file and it does not need to be identical between plugin versions.

    Note: Most of the references in the jhove.conf file relate to the JHOVE XML module.

    How to edit the jhove.conf file?

    If you need to add something to the jhove.conf file, the first step should be to ask the Global Format Library manager via mailing list or during one of the DPWG (Digital Preservation Working GROUP) monthly calls to make the desired change.

    A second option for when you need this change in your environment only, or if you cannot wait for an upcoming Format Library release, is to edit the jhove.conf file yourself. You can do this by downloading the FL release from GitHub, unzipping the zip file, finding the plugin jar, opening the jar using any zip tool (e.g., 7zip), navigating to the /conf directory and opening the jhove.conf file in text/xml editor (e.g., Notepad++) and editing it there. Save the file to make sure your plugin is updated with the change(s) made. The last step is uploading the plugin to your instance of Rosetta. You can do this via manual Format Library upload or replacing it on the Rosetta server (/exlibris1/operational_shared/plugins/bundled) and installing it from the Rosetta Administration > Plug-In Management area.

    Please remember that you will need to raise the plugin version in the <pl:version> tag in the xml file in \PLUGIN-INF\ directory (e.g., metadata_PDFHULMDExtractor.xml) so that Rosetta will recognise it as new and will install it over the previous version of that same plugin. It is acceptable to increment the version number using a decimal point – if the version is 7 increase it to 7.1, for example.



    • Article last edited: 30-01-2023
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