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    Introduction to Producers

    Producers are responsible for providing content (For more information, see About Producers and Producer Agents.)
    Producer Agents are responsible for depositing content provided by Producers (For more information, see About Producers and Producer Agents.)
    The following additional types of users interact with Rosetta production:
    • Staff users review content deposited by Producer Agents, manage Producers and Producer Agents, and configure options available to them when they deposit content. There are different types of Staff users:
      • Deposit Managers
      • Negotiators
      • Assessors
      • Arrangers
      • Approvers
      • Technical Analysts
      • Editors
        (For more information on when and how Producers and Producers Agents interact with Staff users, see Producers, Producer Agents, and Staff Users.)
    • Back Office Administrators configure how the Rosetta system processes the content that Producer Agents deposit and how users interact with the system. (For more information, see the Rosetta Configuration Guide.)
    • System Administrators configure the application server and database. (For more information, see the Rosetta System Administrator’s Guide.)
    • Content consumers access content deposited by Producer Agents. The Content consumers have read-only access.
    This guide describes the role of Producers and Producer Agents and explains how they register, deposit content, and manage submissions.
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