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    Rosetta Known Issues

    Rosetta releases contain features that connect to a complex network of entities. Sometimes bugs/issues are reported by customers due to the various system enhancements. Known Issues present Rosetta users with an indication of the issues/bugs that currently exist and have the following criteria:

    • Defined as high priority by submitters of the case
    • Identified as bugs
    • Have a fix date that was communicated to the customer

    Each known issue has a target release for the fix.

    Rosetta Known Issues
    Key Customer Reference Components Summary Target Release
    DPS-21167 06601160 Submission  Percent signs not being properly URL encoded during CSV deposit (version 7.2 and 7.3) 8.0
    DPS-20872 06347862 Database Locking mechanism causing Oracle lock contention 8.0
    DPS-20788 06267425 Submission CSV deposit fails with backslash within cdata wrapper 8.0
    Process Automation

    xmlbeans - http-nio threads blocked/waiting to ClassLoader causing instability when multiple APIs 

    are activated or full repository reindex

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