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Rosetta Known Issues

Rosetta releases contain features that connect to a complex network of entities. Sometimes bugs/issues are reported by customers due to the various system enhancements. Known Issues present Rosetta users with an indication of the issues/bugs that currently exist and have the following criteria:

  • Defined as high priority by submitters of the case
  • Identified as bugs
  • Have a fix date that was communicated to the customer

Each known issue has a target release for the fix.

Rosetta Known Issues
Key Customer Reference Components Summary Target Release
DPS-20525   DNX Validation

Rosetta 7.1 dnx version is 2.0. This is affecting xsd validation (for  environments with  validate_with_rosetta_mets=true).
For IEs that were xsd-validated with dnx version 1 , a commit of a dnx change will cause xsd validation with dnx version 2.

On commit,  SignificantProperties dnx section is removed.
7.1 hotfix
DPS-20470   3A Workbench Wrong SIPID in Assessor Decline message 7.1 hotfix
DPS-18100 00949874
Publishing Publishing performance (for large sets) 7.1 hotfix
DPS-20472 00977035 Preservation Planning

When migrating over 100,000 files in a single job in a multi-institution (consortium) environment to a new format, the process impacts files from all institutions

7.1 hotfix
DPS-19958   Preservation Planning Storage migration - Different process statuses displayed for preservation plan execution 7.0 
DPS-19930 00872686 Process Automation SIP processing with "Run in parallel" enabled - SIPs in TA system error while also in Permanent 7.1
DPS-19887 WGs Publishing Publishing config - sync / save / apply malfunctioning 7.0
DPS-19884 00862592 Web Services Update IE WS - getIE with flag 0 returns METS without derivative copies 7.0
DPS-19869 00856940 SP Installation SP v6.3 "Rebuilding Reports Views" failed due to missing grant permissions 7.0
DPS-19628 00817785 Deposit SIP producing duplicate IEs for CSV deposit 7.1
DPS-19536 00805429 Deposit SIPs assigned to the same collection are not Processing for CSV deposits 7.0
DPS-19278 00696940 CMS CMS DB records and CMS metadata in storage discrepancy 7.1
DPS-19008 00854812 UX Multiselect - cannot remove selected value 7.1
DPS-18179 00553809, 00879718 Process Automation Processes with sets that exclude objects that have already been processed doesn't pick up newly deposited IEs 7.0


  UX General parameters cannot be null once populated 7.1
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