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Ebook Central Perpetual - (de)activation with SFX DataLoader

  • Product: SFX
  • Product Version: SFX 4
  • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Local


Common situation: 

If you tried to use the SFX DataLoader to activate your titles from Ebook Central in the EBOOK_CENTRAL_PERPETUAL_DDA_TITLES you might hit this error message:

 „this ISBN exists more than once in this target and in order to activate the right object portfolio please provide the respective portfolio’s parse parameter”

Reason: The Ebook Central platform support hosting multiple versions of the same e-book (with the same ISBN but different URL). For this reason there are many Object Portfolios with the same ISBN but different URL (“parse param” value).

To match your portfolios correctly, adding a „parse param“ parameter is mandatory in order to activate/deactivate a titles in this Target.

Creating the SFX loadfile: 

1)    Download standard CSV file from your LibCentral Admin with a list of your available titles

2)    Import CSV file to Excel (or alternative spreadsheet)  - File / import / CSV


There you can access all necessary metadata for activation/deactivation now. You will need to create 3 columns with data for SFX Dataloader and save the file as "tab delimited text *.txt".


1)    ISBN

2)    Parse Param (matching a document ID, e.g. „bkey=3116973“ or "ID=3116973")

3)    Activation status (ACTIVE / INACTIVE)





Set the same in SFX Admin --> Dataloader:

Column 1 (Primary Key): ISBN

Column 2: Parse Param

Column 3: Activation status


The procedure can be also used for other similar targets, e.g. Ebscohost Ebooks. Please always check for correct "parse param" value at object portfolio level under the target service.



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