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    How to properly shutdown and start the SFX server

    • Product: SFX
    • Product Version: 4
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Local


    How do I properly shut down and restart the SFX server?


    The SFX processes (Apaches and MySQL) should stop and start up again if the machine is shut down and restarted normally.

    However, if you would prefer to manually restart or shut down the SFX processes instead, please take the following steps:

    1. log in as root 
    2. Run the following commands:
    source ~sfxglb41/.cshrc 
    cd /exlibris/sfx_ver/sfx4_1/sfxglb41/admin/init_scripts 
    ./sfxd restart

    Note that stop and start are also valid options.


    You will see the following messages: 

    Shutting down SFX v4 daemons: 
    Redirecting output to /exlibris/sfx_ver/sfx4_1/tmp/sfxd.log 
    Starting SFX v4 daemons: 
    Redirecting output to /exlibris/sfx_ver/sfx4_1/tmp/sfxd.log 
    1. Check the log file (/exlibris/sfx_ver/sfx4_1/tmp/sfxd.log) for any errors during this process.

    Additional Information

    Please see the "Startup Scripts" section of the SFX System Administration Guide.pdf.

    • Article last edited: 27-Nov-2016