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    Integrating SalesForce and SFX

    • Product: SFX    
    • Product Version: 4
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local


    Desired Outcome Goal:
    Using the "Send to Ex Libris" form in KBManager or the 'KnowledgeBase Change Requests' section with SalesForce.


    1. Log on to the SFX server as an instance user, for example: sfxlcl41.
    2. Start the ServerAdmin Utility:
    1. Choose
    ​3 Change Passwords
    5 Generate encrypted password for use in configuration files
    1. Enter the current SalesForce USERNAME (not password) as value to encrypt.
    Generate encrypted password for use in configuration files Please select [1-5,q,m]: 5
    Please enter password to encrypt:****** <password, no output visible>
    Confirm password:****** <password, no output visible>
    Your encrypted password is: "378686c673535303236303"
    1. Edit the CRM configuration file:
    vi sfx_crm.config
    1. Copy/paste the encrypted username into the "contacts" section of sfx_crm.config as the "crm_encrypted_pass" value:
    #contact_name "email" "crm_user_name" "crm_encrypted_pass"
    Customer_Lastname    "email"    "SalesForce username"    "378686c673535303236303"
    1. Enter values for contact_name, "email" and "crm_user_name" in the "contacts" section.
      Use the contact's SalesForce USERNAME as the "crm_user_name" value in the "contacts" section.
      Make sure all values (except the contact_name) are quoted and separated by TAB.
    Relevant fields in Salesforce:
    • "crm_user_name" = Contact Email
    • "crm_encrypted_pass" = Federation ID


    1. Enter the SaleForce URL in server_url value of the "crm_info" section:
    server_url ""
    1. Save and exit the sfx_crm.config file:

    • Article last edited: 23-Mar-2020