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Data Optimization Best Practice Toolkit

What is it?

This toolkit will help you review your holdings in the Client Center/Intota to ensure your holdings and collections are up-to-date and set up correctly to assure access to all your subscribed content in your Summon service.

When should you use this toolkit?

Use this toolkit if there has been a lapse in maintenance of your Client Center/Intota holdings, or whenever you would like to review all your holdings to make sure they’re optimized for Summon.

What will you need to do?

1.       Download a Database Details report that you will use as a helpful guide when completing the Data Optimization Checklist

a.       Log onto Client Center or Intota.

i.      Under “Business Intelligence Tools” in the Client Center, or “Administrative” in Intota, click on “Management Reports”

ii.      Request a Database Details report

iii.      Download the report once it is delivered

2.       Use the 360 Core: Data Optimization Checklist for Discovery Services answer from the 360 Core Best Practices documentation in the Knowledge Center to assess the databases and packages currently in your profile to make sure they accurately reflect your holdings. Complete the listed steps, which are broken down into four sections:

a.       Review Database and Title Selections

b.       Update Database Details

c.       Configure Library Settings and External Tools

d.       Stay Informed and Get Help

*Some things to keep in mind as you move through the steps in the Data Optimization Checklist:

·         The steps are broken down into Critical, Recommended, and Optional. It is most important for you to focus on completing the Critical steps. 

3.       After you’ve completed the above steps, you should review the list of providers that require special configurations to make sure you’ve customized all the appropriate databases:

a.       360 Services and Summon: Databases that Require Custom Configurations

b.       Summon and 360 Link: Index-Enhanced Direct Linking Special Provider

Watch webinar "Summon How to Optimize Your Data for Discoverability"

YouTube Video Link

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