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    CDI Frequently Asked Questions for Summon Customers

    For more information about the Central Discovery Index (CDI), see The Ex Libris Central Discovery Index (CDI) – An Overview.

    What will change for users with CDI?

    The changes for the users when moving to the CDI will be kept to a minimum to prevent any major disruptions. We will primarily make some changes to improve search and ranking. These will be introduced gradually so users will only see changes over time. We will maintain the merged record as it is on Summon today and also keep the resource types as they are. All other functionality will also stay as it is today.

    What will change for librarians with CDI?

    Nothing will change for librarians. You will use the same processes as today to activate content in summon and ingest your data. The main changes that are coming with CDI are with the new infrastructure which is using the latest architecture and the newest version of all application frameworks, Java, Cassandra & Solr. Long term this will lead to performance improvements and the creation of new services, enhancements of the search and ranking capabilities as well as operational efficiencies leading to faster and better data ingest processes.

    Does CDI have the same content as Summon?

    CDI will have the same content and more. Since we have some different collections in Summon and Primo Central, users of CDI will enjoy the combined content of both indexes. We will publish more information about the content included in CDI at a later stage.

    How and when will my institution move to CDI?

    The move to CDI will be seamless and will happen later in 2019. CDI will use the same back office functionality and update processes as Summon’ central index does today. The move will therefore not cause any service interruptions and will just happen overnight.

    I am using the APIs to retrieve content from Summon. Do I need to change anything when moving to CDI?

    No, you do not need to make any changes. Your API queries will work as before.

    How can I view the recording of the “Ex Libris Central Discovery Index: Overview and Update” webinar session hosted on May 29, 2019?

    You can view the webinar session as a YouTube video or PDF file.

    If you have any questions or feedback about CDI, please send an email to

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