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Changes Summon Customers Will See in the Move to CDI


CDI will provide you with a number of benefits and new features to use. You already have access to CDI in your preview environments for testing, and as of February 5, 2020, you will be using CDI in your production environment.

Key Benefits with CDI

  1. Improved performance and an upgrade to SOLR 7.

  2. Match and Merge improvements to reduce the number of duplicates in the result list:

    • Added newsletters to merge process: Reduces the footprint of these content types.

    • Improving subtitle handling: Reduce number of merges prevented by variations in the subtitles.

    • Increased overmatch limit: Improves matching of records with exceptionally large numbers of duplicates.

    • Relaxed language matching: resolved discrepancy between LanguageDetected and sys_language.

    • Standardized quotation marks: Ensure different formats (" vs " vs ") don't prevent merging.

    • Better handling of synonyms and variants (such as color vs. colour).

  3. The ability to search for authors or co-authors by ORCIDs.

  4. New Sort Options for your result lists:

    • By author (Ascending)

    • By title

  5. New author/creator facet to filter the result lists:

    To enable it go to settings > Facets and move the Author Facet to the Enabled column.

  6. Collections / Database facet to filter the result list by the data source/collection:

    To enable it go to settings > Facets and move the Database Facet to the Enabled column.

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