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    How can daily record deletes be captured for Summon or Primo?

    • Product: Voyager, Summon, Primo
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local, Total Care


    We are wondering how we can send information about deleted bibs and mfhds to Summon. The deleted.bib.marc and deleted.mfhd.marc files are very large.


    Can we move aside or delete those files and then generate daily deletes?


    The deleted.*.marc and delete.item files store records from Voyager that have been deleted from the database. Individual sites can determine whether and how long to retain these files. 


    Voyager will always create the files with the same names (deleted.bib.marc, deleted.mfhd.marc, etc.); you can rename them or datestamp them after they've been utilized for discovery (Primo's extract, for example, does this automatically), and then a new file with the same name (deleted.bib.marc, deleted.mfhd.marc, etc.) will be created the next time a record of that type is deleted.

    Additional Information

    See also Why do we have so many record delete files in our /rpt directory?


    • Article last edited: 27-Oct-2016