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    How Can I Add a PubMed Search Box to Summon?

    • Product: Summon



    How can I add a PubMed Search Box to Summon using a Custom Panel? 


    1. Go to the Summon Administration Console

    2. Go To the Pages Tab

    3. Hit Custom Panels

    4. In the Custom Panel Creation Box go to Tools

    5. Go to Source Code

    6. Copy the following HTML code into the box: 

    <form action="" method="get" target="new">Search <a href="">PubMed</a>: &nbsp;&nbsp; <input name="db" type="hidden" value="PubMed" /> <input name="term" size="45" type="TEXT" value="" /> <input type="submit" value="Go" /></form>

    7. Save the Custom Panel and either set to "Persistent" or add tags for what keywords you want to trigger the search box. 

    *Please note that this HTML was taken from an archived page of the NCBI website.  The first time a patron uses this it may take them to the legacy or new PubMed interface, it seems to be dependent on things like a user's cache, etc. 

    Ex Libris Support is not responsible for maintaining this code or editing an institution's Custom Panel should they choose to implement this code. 


    • Article last edited: 02-Mar-2020