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How do I select and deselect facets in Summon?

  • Product: Summon


How do I select and deselect single and multiple facets in Summon?


To select one or more facets

Click on the facet you would like to include. You can select multiple facets.

A green check mark appears to indicate it has been selected (as below):


To select/exclude multiple facets

Click the "More" button (as below):


This opens the "More Facets" pane.

Click on green check box to include facets, or the red X to exclude facets. Included facets will be bolded, excluded facets will be crossed out.

Click the "Apply" button to submit all your changes in one action.


How do I exit the facet selection pane?

Click on the X next to the "Apply" button to close the More Facets pane.

  • Article last edited: 02-Aug-2017