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    Summon Usage Statistics Login Screen

    • Product: Summon



    Why do we see a login screen for Current Summon Usage Reports and what can we do to access?


    The Summon team states that you may occasionally see an Oracle login screen in any browser when accessing Summon Usage Reports, and, if this happens, refreshing the page (Ctrl+F5) or logging out of Intota/Client Center and back in, and then accessing Summon Admin Console, should fix the issue. 

    If it does not fix the issue, or if you are seeing this issue not occasionally but persistently, there may be a browser issue related to cookies or privacy configurations. 

    In that case, if possible, please check whether accessing Summon Usage Reports via an alternate browser fixes the issue. If it does, you may need to make changes to the configuration of your normal browser. 

    There is a known issue in Internet Explorer 11 where Summon Usage Reports does not display unless the Privacy setting in IE11 is set to 'Low'. The Summon team is currently working on fixing this issue. If you are using Internet Explorer 11, let us know via a case so that we can notify you once it is fixed. In the meantime, we would recommend either using an alternate browser or temporarily setting the privacy setting to 'Low' when using Summon Usage Reports. 

    If you are using another browser but are still getting the login screen persistently, please let us know via a case which browser and browser version you are using. In that case, it might also be helpful to send a screenshot of the 'developer console'. To get that, you can do the following. 

    1. Open the browser and hit the F12 key to display the console. Make sure the 'Console' tab is selected. 
    2. Navigate to Summon Usage Reports. 
    3. If you get the login screen take a screenshot of the console so that we can check any errors that may have been logged by the browser. 
    4. Attach the screenshot to the case in the Ex Libris Support portal. 



    • Article last edited: 13-Oct-2017