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    Summon: 360 Link Sidebar Helper Frame Does Not Always Display Next to the Full Text Item

    • Product: Summon

    My library uses Summon and 360 Link with the Sidebar Helper Frame that displays along the right side of the screen, yet sometimes the full text item displays without the sidebar on the right side. Why does the sidebar display inconsistently? It is confusing to our users.

    The Sidebar Helper Frame is a feature of 360 Link that many libraries choose to activate in the 360 Link Administration Console. While Summon relies heavily on 360 Link to connect users to full text, Summon's Index-Enhanced Direct Linking (IEDL) makes it possible for Summon to connect to some full text items without any help from 360 Link. In these situations, the user is presented with the full text item but they are not presented with 360 Link's Sidebar Helper Frame because 360 Link did not play a role in finding the item.

    The above concept is displayed visually below, showing the two methods Summon uses to link to full text: the IEDL method and the method assisted by 360 Link:

    Summon linking to full text via IEDL and via OpenURL/Linker
    The highlighted yellow area in the bottom right image represents the Sidebar Helper Frame that displays when 360 Link assists Summon in linking to full text. The sidebar does not display when Summon's IEDL technology is able to link to the full text item without the assistance of 360 Link.

    Note that 360 Link does also provide IEDL linking (and 360 Link's Sidebar Helper Frame displays when 360 Link provides IEDL linking), but 360 Link does not provide IEDL linking for Summon searches. For Summon searches, IEDL linking is handled by Summon.

    The above explanation about Summon linking to full text assumes the user has not selected the "Add results beyond your library's collection" checkbox.
    • A user searching only within the library's collection can expect to find full text availability when they click on a full text item in a Summon search results set. This expectation is because Summon filters out full text items that are not available within the library's collection, based on the holdings information the library provides in its Intota or Client Center profile. If an item in Summon displays as Available Online and a user clicks on it and 360 Link presents a page indicating no full text availability, you should use the Contact Us menu near the top of this page so we can help identify the issue.

    • Date Created: 25-May-2015
    • Last Edited Date: 28-May-2015
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