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    Summon: Requesting Changes to Library Location Mappings

    How can I use the Metadata Mapping Tool to request changes to Library Location mappings?

    This article is not applicable to Alma-Summon environments. For information on how change library location mappings for Alma-Summon environments, see Configuring the Institution and Its Libraries in Alma. The library locations are then published with the Publish electronic records to Central Discovery Index publishing job in Alma.

    In addition to viewing your institution's mappings, the Mapping tab in the Summon Admin Console allows you to request changes to library location mappings that you have previously set up during your initial Summon Service implementation or by using the Ex Libris Support Portal.  For more information, see Summon: Metadata Mapping Tool.

    Location changes can be turned around in 2-3 weeks, though it could take longer or shorter depending on our quality checks. We QA the request to make sure there are no errors (such as encoding) and then load it into the processing queue for the next available index. If you have any questions about the timing or processing of your location change requests, please submit a case through the Ex Libris Support Portal (available through the More Sites drop-down above).

    The Library Locations mapping table, which contains the following columns, maps library locations to the Location facet for your catalog and collections:

    • Location Code - The code your institution has assigned to a location in the library.

    • Location Name - The name that you want to display for the library's location in your Summon service's Location facet.

    To request changes to library location mappings:
    1. In the Summon Administration Console, select the Mapping tab to view the mappings for your institution.


      Mappings Tab in Summon Admin Console
    2. Select the library catalog or a collection that you want to update from the Collection drop-down list.

      Each collection has its own mappings and will require its own change request.

    3. In the Mapping Type field, click Library Locations, which appears only if you have previously set up your library location mappings using the Ex Libris Support Portal.

    4. Click Edit to update mappings for the selected collection. The editor allows you to add mapping rows, modify the location code and location name in mapping rows, and delete mapping rows (Delete button). To add a row, specify values for the Code and Name fields and then click Add.


      Locations Mapping Table - Edit Mode
    5. When you have completed your changes for an editing session, click Save to save your changes and to exit the editor. If you want to exit the editor and cancel any unsaved changes, click Cancel.

      You can make mapping changes to multiple collections before submitting their changes separately, but make sure that you save your changes for a collection before editing another collection.

    6. When you are ready to submit all saved changes for the library catalog or a collection, click Submit for approval.

      The submittal sends a request to the Summon Metadata Librarians for review and implementation. No further change requests will be possible until after this work is completed and the changes are live in your Summon service. A submitted request can display any of the following statuses:

      • In Progress – The request is being reviewed and implemented by the Summon Metadata Librarians; timeline will be 2-3 weeks, depending on quality check. The status will also provide a reference number to include when submitting support cases.

      • On Hold - Please Contact Us – An issue has occurred during the review or implementation of your request. Follow the instructions provided and submit an Ex Libris Support Portal case. Similarly, if you have additional concerns or instructions, please use the Ex Libris Support Portal (available through the More Sites drop-down above) to contact Ex Libris Support. Please include your request's reference number in your support case.

      • Live – The implementation has completed and your Summon service has been updated.


      Request Status for the Selected Collection
    7. Return to Step 2 if you want to modify mappings for another collection.

    • Date Created: 19-Jan-2018
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