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    Summon: Index-Enhanced Direct Linking FAQ

    • Product: Summon

    What are some frequently asked questions about Index-Enhanced Direct Linking to results from Summon?

    NOTE: This page is part of a larger set of documentation about using linking to results in Summon.

    This document contains answers to common questions clients have about Index-Enhanced Direct Linking in the Summon service.
    What is Index-Enhanced Direct Linking?
    Index-Enhanced Direct Linking is a new technology that leverages publisher-provided information in the Summon index along with the Serials Solutions knowledgebase in order to enable users to click-through directly to more full text content than previously possible with OpenURL linking alone. This advancement offers the reliability of direct linking coupled with the intelligence of appropriate copy selection and Serials Solutions' rights-based holdings information for your library.

    With Index-Enhanced Direct linking, users will be able to link directly from the Summon service to hundreds of millions of journal articles, e-books, digital collections and other content. Currently, Summon uses direct links only for unique content hosted on a single platform-mainly content types not supported by OpenURL linking such as audio recordings from Naxos Music Library or video recordings from Alexander Street Press. With this release, the Summon service will greatly expand the number of direct linking targets-including content subscribed to from more than one source.
    How will users be able to give us feedback about problems linking to individual documents?
    With the initial release of the new Index-Enhanced Direct Linking system, users will use the feedback link in the upper-right hand corner of the Summon interface to report invalid links to their librarians. If you would like to report invalid links to our support department please use the Contact Us menu at the top of this page to send us the requests.

    With the release of Index Enhanced Direct Linking we expect invalid links to be much less of a problem, but still a possibility. We are working on more effective ways to report these bad links and possible ways to get the user to the content from other providers in these cases.
    Can Index-Enhanced Direct Linking in the Summon service be turned off for my library?
    No, at this time Index-Enhanced Direct Linking is enabled for all participating Summon library clients and cannot be disabled.
    My library uses the API for the Summon service. Is there anything we need to do to take advantage of Index-Enhanced Direct Linking?
    If your library uses the Summon API, you will need to migrate to a new version of the API in order to benefit from this new linking technology. The current version of the API will continue to be supported in order to give your library time to make the migration. Instructions are located here.
    Why are my ProQuest links going to a legacy database even though I subscribed to a new platform database in the Client Center?
    In order for Summon to link directly to ProQuest's databases on the new platform, your library must migrate to the new platform in the ProQuest Administration Module.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 28-Dec-2020
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