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    Summon: Increased Frequency of Catalog Additions

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    In addition to the CDI Update (which occurs twice weekly), Summon provides daily processing for additions to your local catalog. Deleted and updated records to your local catalog are handled by the CDI Update (see Central Discovery Index Update and Exporting Catalog Holdings - Uploading to Summon).

    360 Summon and Summon over Alma libraries will automatically participate in this increased frequency of catalog additions.


    Libraries can expect to see brand new local catalog records (not updated or deleted records) in Summon within 24 hours of delivery to the FTP updates folder. In general, daily catalog additions will process within an hour of delivery and become available almost immediately in the Summon search results. Deleted and updated records are updated twice weekly with the CDI Update.

    Duplication of Records

    Because this accelerated processing of new records bypasses the Match & Merge process (which checks the commercial records for the same item), you may see duplicate records in Summon temporarily. During the twice-weekly, full CDI Update, the daily catalog additions will be folded into the full index and included in the Match & Merge process. Once the Index Update is complete (Tuesday/Wednesdays and Fridays), any duplication issues should be resolved.

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