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    Summon: Responsive Design

    • Product: Summon

    How does the Summon service support users' varying screen sizes?

    July 2014 Update: Added a note about IE8, a known browser that does not support responsive design technology.

    Summon 2.0 uses a Responsive Design layout so that the Summon service "responds" to the user's screen size and provides an effective user experience.

    In addition to providing layouts for using Summon on a mobile device, the Summon service also responds to varying desktop/laptop sizes by providing a narrower third column for the Explorer pane (displays Topic Explorer and Item Preview) for desktop/laptop screen widths of 1280 pixels and less.

    Specific details on the layouts for mobile and desktop/laptop screens are as follows:
      Screen Width Devices
    1 Column Layout Less than 701 pixel width Most mobile devices
    2 Column Layout Greater than 700 pixel width

    Less than 1025 pixel width
    iPad (Portrait screen orientation)

    Large phone (Landscape screen orientation)

    Low resolution PCs
    3 Column Layout
    (slim 3rd column)
    Greater than 1024 pixel width

    Less than 1281 pixel width
    Desktop / Laptop

    iPad (Landscape screen orientation)

    Most tablets (Landscape screen orientation)
    3 Column Layout
    (full 3rd column)
    Greater than 1280 pixel width Large desktop / laptop

    Note that Internet Explorer 8 does not support responsive design technology, so any website that uses responsive design will not work in IE8.

    • Date Created: 18-Mar-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 19-Mar-2014
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