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    Summon: Publication Date Facet

    • Product: Summon

    What are the ways I can use the Publication Date facet in Summon 2.0?

    Use the Publication Date facet to quickly filter search results by date published:

    Publication date facet

    Click and drag either end of the date line to adjust Published From and Published To dates.

    The Publication Date slider goes back a maximum of 100 years from the current date. You can edit the Published From and Publish To fields directly if you need to specify an earlier date.

    You can also adjust the Published From and Published To fields by clicking the field to display a calendar:

    • To limit only by Year (no selection of month and/or date): At the top of the calendar, click the year and the calendar will refresh with a list of years.

    Additionally, with just one click, you can filter results to items published in the last year, the last 3 years or the last 5 years. Use the links Last 12 Months, Last 3 years, Last 5 years available at the bottom of the date facet.
    The display of dates is localized based on the language displaying in the user's Summon interface (the Settings page in the Summon Administration Console offers many languages you can make available to your users).
    You can also choose not to use the calendar and enter your own dates manually. Use the "/" character when entering a month or day. For example, a user in the U.S. would enter May 2012 as 05/2012 or 5/2012.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
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