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    Summon: Verifying if Provider Content is Covered in the Central Discovery Index

    • Product: Summon

    We are strongly committed to the Open Discovery Initiative (ODI) and are making progress on automated coverage reports that can provide timely, accurate analyses of provider content covered in CDI. In the meantime, if you want to know if particular provider content is covered in CDI, Summon's Add results beyond your library's collection checkbox (see below) can be very useful. While we are able to provide documentation about provider content in CDI, the information offers an overall sense of the scope of the index. Confirmation of content coverage is best assessed by using the Add results beyond your library's collection checkbox.
    Add results beyond library


    Best practice is to run ISSN / ISBN queries with the Add results beyond your library's collection checkbox selected. If you are evaluating a potential eResource purchase for your library, or if you are looking into Summon coverage for existing content at your library, searching beyond the content in your library will generate a results set including resources not available at your library, as well any existing resources at your library that you recently may have updated in your Intota or Client Center profile.


    If you have provider content that you would like added to CDI:

    While we continue to welcome new requests and add scholarly content to the index to support student and researcher workflows, we are increasingly selective about this content in order to help with our ultimate goal of adding high quality content that offers the highest value to students and researchers. Submitted content requests will either be accepted or rejected; accepted requests will move forward with sample review, provider agreements, etcetera, and rejected requests will be noted for later review based on the number of repeated requests or significant changes in the makeup of Summon's users.

    To submit a new content request, use the Content Idea Exchange; sharing your feedback with the Ex Libris community is greatly appreciated..

    All requests will be assessed. Note that the timeframe for evaluation, provider communication and indexing in Summon can vary greatly so we are unable to provide updates or timelines for when a new content source will or will not be added.

    We encourage you to follow Summon: Release Notes and Status Updates to stay up to date on new content additions to the Index.


    • Date Created: 21-Dec-2015
    • Last Edited Date: 18-Oct-2016
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