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    UStat data - can it be edited?

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: UStat


    UStat data sometimes needs to be updated. For example, change/edit Subscriber on individual accounts.

    How to update data?


    A development program exists for this on the long term roadmap.

    In the meantime, the files (Excel or SUSHI) can be downloaded, deleted and re-uploaded. This should be done in the following order:

    1) From the "Uploaded Files" screen, find the problematic file.
    2) For each file, click on the "File" link, and save the file to your computer (set aside a folder for this).
    3) After the file is downloaded, edit it (outside of UStat)
    4) Delete the file in UStat
    5) Upload a correct file

    Additional Information

    The files won't be over-written, also if SUSHI is defined.