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    Deleting participant associated with the active trial

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Verde
    • Product Version: 2

    It is possible to delete participant from the library record even though a trial that was assigned to this participant was still active.
    When deleting contacts who are assigned to an active trial, a warning message should be displayed. If the user decides to delete the contact any way, the whole participant record should be deleted from the trial record as well (Currently only the name of participant is deleted, and empty record appears in the participants list).

    1. On the KB manager tab enter to the libraries managing
    2. Open library and add a new contact
    3. Go to the e-Products managing
    4. Search for e-product
    5. Open e-product and create a new Trial record
    6. Enter values to the following fields:
    Start date: one day before current day
    End date: date after current day
    Status: Requested
    Advance notification period: 1
    7. Submit
    8. Enter to Participants tab and add the participant you created in the library (step 2)
    9. Submit
    10. Change the Trial status to "On trial"
    11. Go back to the libraries managing and delete the contact you added as a participant in the trial.
    12. The participant is deleted even though the trial is still active and no warning message is displayed.


    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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