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    Enhancement Process - Common Q&A

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    Who is eligible to submit enhancements through NERS and vote for them?
    Only IGeLU and ELUNA member institutions that license an Ex Libris product will be eligible to submit enhancements to NERS and vote on them.

    What does the institution need to do to be able to propose enhancements AND vote on them?

    1. Institutions should be an ELUNA or IGeLU member.
    2. The institution has a NERS account.

    How to know if the institution is an IGeLU and/or ELUNA Member?


    Confirm membership:


    Confirm membership:

    How to get a NERS account?
    Only members of ELUNA and IGeLU are eligible for NERS accounts.
    Institutions must have a NERS account to submit enhancement requests and to vote on enhancements.
    If the institution doesn't have a NERS account (or membership status is unknown), contact
    If the institution has a NERS account for a specific Ex LIbris product, it is likely usable for additional Ex Libris products.

    How many times does the institution get to vote?
    Each member institution may vote ONLY once, even if members of both ELUNA and IGeLU.
    Each institution has 100 points to distribute across the votable enhancement proposals as they see fit.

    What if the institution is part of a consortium?
    Consortial ELUNA members have one vote per consortium membership.
    Individual institutions that are members of an ELUNA member consortium can also join as an institutional member and vote.
    IGeLU consortial members vote only through their consortial membership.

    What if I am not a member of IGeLU and ELUNA?
    Ex Libris has made available the Ex Libris Idea Exchange website ( as a mean to share ideas directly with our product managers and to help us set development priorities. Submitting an idea is currently open for Alma, Primo, Rosetta and CampusM users, and does not require IGeLU or ELUNA membership. Popular ideas suggested on the Idea Exchange site can influence the Ex Libris road map but do not have the force of a road-map commitment. To help drive road-map commitments for functionality that you or others propose, please participate in the IGeLU and ELUNA enhancement request process

    What is Idea Exchange?
    Idea Exchange is a website ( that allows for the exchange of ideas and facilitates communication directly between the users and Ex Libris product management teams.
    The Ex Libris Idea Exchange website is completely open, enabling anyone who uses our solutions to submit and review ideas. Such ideas are an invaluable source for helping us understand your needs and priorities. The Ex Libris Idea Exchange is open for submitting ideas for Alma, Primo, Rosetta, campusM, Leganto, Summon and Content.

    Additional Information

    For further information regarding the IGeLU enhancements process go to the website here:  

    For the ELUNA enhancements process go to the website here:

    • Article last edited: 17-Oct-2017