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    How to delete a specific record from Primo?

    • Product: Primo
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Local


    How can I delete a specific record from Primo?


    For every Primo Data Source that you have records to delete:

    1. Log on to your Primo BO server and create a delete file using the template in Additional Information.
    2. Replace SOURCERECORDID with the value from control/sourcerecordid of the PNX to be deleted.
    3. (Optional) To delete additional records
      1. Copy everything between the lines that start with the phrase "Copy everything."
      2. Paste what was copied above the line that starts with the phrase "Copy everything above this line."
      3. Replace SOURCERECORDID_2 with the value from control/sourcerecordid from another PNX record to be deleted
    4. Replace all instances of YYYY-MM-DD with the current year, month, and day.
    5. After creating the file,  zip (compress) the file into the Harvesting File Format selected on "Define Pipe" screen for the pipe (tar.gz,.zip, etc.)
    6. Go to Primo Back Office, update the Pipe configuration to COPY method, and harvest the zipped file created in Step 5.
    7. Run indexing_and_hotswapping job, so the record is physically removed from Primo Front End and database.
    8. Check results in PNX viewer and Front End to verify the records are deleted.

    Additional Information

    The template will only work for Data Sources that use the OAI or Static OAI File Splitter. For different data source, using a different File Splitter other than OAI, please open a case for support.

    See also Removing deleted ALEPH records from Primo

    Delete Record Template
    <?xml version="1.0"  encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <OAI-PMH xmlns=""
    	<ListRecords xmlns="">
    			<header status="deleted">
    <!-- Copy everything below this line to delete additional records
    			<header status="deleted">
    	Copy everything above this line to delete additional records -->


    • Article last edited: 09-Aug-2018