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    Voyager to Alma Migration Query: Duplicate OCLC Numbers (Pass-through query)

    Created By: Laura Guy (contact)
    Created on: 11/27/2020

    When you migrate from Voyager to Alma, it may be helpful to identify and review duplicate OCLC numbers.  This pass-through query uses the BIB_INDEX table to identify normalized OCLC numbers (the '0350' index) which occur more than once.

    Note that this query can't be run as is as a "normal" Prepackaged Reports Access query, but must be used as a pass-through query.

    The query has two parts but is run as a single query.

    , display_heading
    from bib_index
    where index_code = '0350'
    and normal_heading in (
      select normal_heading
      from bib_index
      where index_code = '0350'
      and normal_heading like 'OCOLC %'
      group by normal_heading
      having count(*) > 1
    order by normal_heading, bib_id


    For other queries that may be useful, see my "Surviving Almanado: tips for a successful pre-implementation" presentation's Accompanying Materials.
    If you need assistance in running custom SQL queries in Prepackaged Access Reports, consult the Voyager Customer Listserv.