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    Change which patron identifiers are used to log in to WebVoyage

    • Product: Voyager


    How do we enable or disable available login types when authenticating in WebVoyage?


    1. cd /m1/voyager/xxxdb/tomcat/vwebv/context/vwebv/ui/
    2. Open for editing
    3. Search for page.logIn.loginType
    4. Comment out each line referring to a login type that should be made unavailable.
    5. To enable or disable the use of the PIN, change setting to Y (enable) or N (disable) for option.usePIN=

    Example: comment out SSN login type

    # At least one loginType must be defined, the others are optional and
    # may be commented out.
    page.logIn.loginType.instId.text=Institution Id
    #page.logIn.loginType.ssn.text=Social Security Number
    page.logIn.lastName=Last Name:
    page.logIn.logIn.label=Log in
    page.logIn.homeLibrary.label=Home Library
    page.logIn.briefId.label=ID Number
    # use of the PIN is optional, this line will have no effect if option.usePIN=N
    #==============================================================================# Identification Number
    # use of the external authentication link is optional,
    # this line will have no effect if option.extAuthSystemEnabled=N

    Additional Information

    Note that as per the internal documentation in the file, you must have one of the three loginTypes defined (barcode, IID, or SSN).  Everything else is optional.

    The PIN is optional and not a loginType so it doesn't count as one of the three that needs to be defined. See: Use PIN alone to login to Voyager WebVoyage

    Article last edited: 03-Mar-2020

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