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    How do backups work for Voyager environments hosted by Ex Libris?

    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: All
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Total Care
    How often are backups run?

    - Voyager backups are run nightly.

    When are backups run?

    - Backups are typically scheduled to run overnight during off-peak hours.

    - To determine the exact time when backups are run examine the backup log files: /usr/local/scAgent/logs/

    How long do backups take?

    - The time required to make a snapshot is dependent on a number of variables and will vary from site to site, as well as from day to day.

    - The time required for previous backups can be determined from the backup log files: /usr/local/scAgent/logs/

    How long does Ex Libris retain backups?

    - Daily backups for the previous 14 days.

    - Weekly backups are maintained for the previous 10 weeks.

    Where does Ex Libris keep backups?

    - 7 days of snapshots are kept on the server for quick recovery.

    - 14 days of snapshots plus 10 weekly snapshots are maintained off site from the Voyager server.

    What is the impact on the server while backups are running?

    - Jobs which require a connection to the database should be avoided while a snapshot is being taken.


    • Article last edited: 01-17-2017