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    Record character encoding does not match the import format: record skipped."

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: All

    Problem Symptoms

    Importing records in Cataloging: "Record character encoding does not match the import format: record skipped"


    This problem may occur if Cataloging client expects a character set for incoming records different than that of the actual records.


    1. Cataloging -> Options -> Preferences -> Mapping -> Expected Character Set of Imported Records, change character set.
    2. Re-import the record.

    Additional Information

    Sometimes customers have record files with both Unicode and non-Unicode records in the same file (different character sets).

    If you receive this error message:

    1. Review the file and look for Byte 09 value of "a" in the LDR field (a value of "a" indicates Unicode). See MARC 21 Bibliographic Format for Leader byte 09 for other values.
    2. Separate records with different character set encoding into their own files to allow Cataloging to import all records in a file without changing character set encoding for each record.

    See Voyager Cataloging User's Guide, Chapter 3, "Creating, Opening, and Viewing Records" and "Table 10-6. Mapping tab options for Session Defaults and Preferences."

    • Article last edited: 07-Jul-2020
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