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    Steps used to create 035 field by Voyager Bulk Import

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    How does Bulk Import create the 035?


    The following are the steps the system uses to create the 035$a field when you import records.

    1. The system first looks for the 003 field (source library's code name).
    2. If there are no parentheses around the 003 field, the procedure adds parentheses.
    3. The system looks for the 001 field (source's system ID number).
    4. The system combines the 003 and 001 fields to create the 035$a field, thus preserving the original source of the records.

    For example,
    Source 003 = OCoLC
    Source 001 = ocm 12345678
    035$a field = (OCoLC)12345678

    If the record has no 003 field, it creates the 035$a field using only the 001 field. If the record has no 001 field, the system cannot create the 035$a field.

    Voyager bulk import does this automatically unless you specify to not create an 035 during import (there is a -C parameter in the command and a checkbox in WebAdmin).  The default is to create the 035.

    Additional Information

    When you import bibliographic and authority records, Voyager creates an 035$a field and adds it to the records. The 035$a field identifies records from other systems. By creating a new field, Voyager preserves the source of the record. The system creates this field regardless of the method you use, bulk import or online import in the Cataloging module (see the Voyager Cataloging and the Voyager Acquisitions User's Guides for more information).


    • Article last edited: 28-Jan-2021