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    Using VIK to apply Oracle PSU to local environment

    • Product: Voyager
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Local


    Is the new Oracle PSU available?

    How do we apply the latest Oracle PSU?


    Ex Libris will evaluate the latest Oracle PSU, and once we have qualified this patch for Voyager, we republish the VIK to help automate installation of the Oracle PSU.

    For questions about the instructions below or any issues during installation, open a Support Case for assistance.

    • Run the following as root to download and run the patch via the VIK:

    mkdir -p /m1/incoming/psu
    cd /m1/incoming/psu
       voyager /  LVf_,7lF
       cd {My Minor Release} (example: cd 2009.0.0 OR cd 2009.2.0)
       mget *
    bzip2 -dc vik*bz2 | tar -xvf – 
     cd vik

    1. Run VIK menu 1 step 1 (Configure the VIK Environment).  When prompted ‘Set Local Software Repository Directory(LSWR)’ enter /m1/incoming/psu
    2. Run VIK menu 1 steps 3 (Create / Update the site information) and 5 (Create / Update the server information)
    3. Run VIK menu 2 steps 1 and 3 (Download Oracle Critical Patch Update)
    4. Wait at least 5 minutes for the download to complete.  You may use menu 2 step 9 (Check for Completion of Downloads) to check for completion
    5. Run VIK menu 2 step 11 to verify that the packages were downloaded correctly
    6. Schedule a suitable downtime (typical duration 1 hour) for system patching.  Proceed during a scheduled downtime.
    7. Stop Voyager and Apache using VIK menu 4 steps 2 and 3
    8. Stop Oracle using VIK menu 5 step 1
    9. Run VIK menu 5 step 6 (Disable Oracle Archive Logging) to stop Oracle archive logging.  This will succeed whether or not archive logging is in use, and will prevent the patch from requiring substantial additional disk space
    10. Run VIK menu 5 step 18 (Set Miscellaneous Oracle permissions) to perform various cleanup activities (recommended)
    11. Run VIK menu 5 steps 19 (Extract Oracle Patches) through 22 (Recompile invalid Oracle objects)  to patch the database
    12. Run VIK menu 7 step 5 (Enable Oracle Archive Logging) to reverse menu 5 step 6 [above].  It will be marked ‘SKIP’ if it is unnecessary.
    13. Run VIK menu 7 steps 6 – 8 to start Apache, Oracle and Voyager after the upgrade

    • Article last edited: 23-Aug-2018