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    Voyager AutoUpdate fails on Windows 7 and Windows 8

    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 8.2.0


    • When AutoUpdate to Voyager 8.2.0 on Windows 7 or Windows 8, receive

    Run-time error '5':
    Invalid procedure call or argument

    • RTE-5 is also received if user is logged onto PC as an Administrator user.
    • When start the client using "Run as Administrator" feature instead, AutoUpdate works.

    Defect Status

    Issues VYG-1120 and VYG-5423 are fixed for Voyager 9.0.

    Additional Information

    Two workarounds are available as solutions to this issue. These are published in the document Client Auto Update Note - November 2012.pdf

    With increased security of Windows systems, AutoUpdate has become increasingly problematic to implement and support. In some environments it no longer works.  Support recommends you consider different options/methods for installing new clients.

    • Article last edited: 01-Feb-2019