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    Voyager Circulation keyboard shortcuts

    • Product: Voyager
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Local, TotalCare



    What Voyager Circulation keyboard shortcuts are available?


    As with most Windows programs, there are very helpful keyboard equivalents in Voyager that can be used instead of clicking with the mouse. Keyboard equivalents usually begin with the ALT key followed by the underlined letter of a command word in the menu. 

    Keyboard equivalents also work with tabs (Patron ID, Address/Phone) within Patron records by using the ALT key plus the underlined key on the tab.   

    Note: In order to see the underlined letter available for keyboard commands at all times (before pressing the ALT key), you may need to adjust your Windows display configuration. Consult your Windows documentation for help.

    There are also some predefined keyboard commands in the Voyager Circulation client that use the CTRL key plus a letter. These can be found in the menu that lists all the commands when they are available. For example, in the Functions menu there is the command to Discharge. This command can be performed with the keyboard by entering Ctrl+D.

    If you have problems using special keys, contact your I.T. Department for assistance.


    Commands for cutting, copying, and pasting data (standard Windows functions):

    • Ctrl+X Cut: cuts the highlighted text and places it on the clipboard.
    • Ctrl+C Copy: copies the highlighted text and places it on the clipboard.
    • Ctrl+V Paste: inserts the text stored on the clipboard.


    Selected Commands for specific Voyager functions:

    • Ctrl+H Initiate a Charge/Renew transaction
    • Ctrl+D Initiate a Discharge transaction
    • Ctrl+R Initiate a Reserve list search
    • Ctrl+I Initiate an Item record search (by Barcode, by default)
    • Ctrl+P Initiate a Patron record search (by Name, by default)


    Commands for manipulating the patron record and its fields:

    • Ctrl+F4 Close the active window (works in all Circ windows)
    • Ctrl+E Edit the displayed patron record
    • Esc Close the Edit Patron Record window
    • Ctrl+SHIFT+Home Highlight entire field when cursor defaults to end of field
    • Ctrl+SHIFT+End Highlight entire field when cursor defaults to beginning of field


    Selected File Menu Keyboard Equivalents

    • File Menu ALT+F
    • File>Login Info ALT+F, 1
    • File>Exit ALT+F, X


    Selected Edit Patron Record Keyboard Equivalents:

    • Open Name tab ALT+N
    • Edit Name Type to Personal ALT+N, ALT+Y, P
    • Edit Name Type to Institutional ALT+N, ALT+Y, I
    • Edit Institution ID field ALT+N, ALT+I
    • Edit Expires date field ALT+N, ALT+X
    • Edit Purge Date field ALT+N, ALT+D
    • Open Address tab ALT+A
    • Check/Uncheck Protect Address option ALT+A, ALT+R
    • Open Phone tab ALT+P
    • Edit Phone Type to Primary ALT+P, ALT+T, P
    • Edit Phone Type to Mobile ALT+P, ALT+T, M
    • Edit Phone Type to Fax ALT+P, ALT+T, F
    • Edit Phone Type to Other ALT+P, ALT+T, O

    • Article last edited: 11-Jun-2020