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    What keyboard shortcuts are available in Cataloging?

    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: All
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local, Total Care


    What keyboard shortcuts are available in Cataloging?


    As with most Windows programs, there are very helpful keyboard equivalents in Voyager that can be used instead of clicking with the mouse. Keyboard equivalents usually begin with the ALT key followed by the underlined letter of a command word in the menu. Keyboard equivalents also work with tabs (MARC, System, etc.) within Bibliographic or Holdings records by using the ALT key plus the underlined key on the tab.

    Note: In order to see the underlined letter available for keyboard commands at all times (before pressing the ALT key), you may need to adjust your Windows display configuration.  Consult your Windows documentation for help.

    There are also some predefined keyboard commands in the Voyager Cataloging client that use the CTRL key plus a letter. These can be found in the menu that lists all the commands when they are available. For example, in the Record menu there is the command to Save to Database. This command can be performed with the keyboard by choosing either Alt+R,V or Ctrl+B.

    If you have problems using special keys, contact your I.T. Department for assistance.

    Keyboard Shortcuts for Menu Options
    Shortcut Action
    Alt+r, h Display holdings
    Alt+r, m Display items
    Alt+r, a Display authorities
    Alt+r, w Display bib tree
    Alt+c Close bib tree
    Alt+r Retrieves all records highlighted on the bib tree
    Alt+r, s Search
    Alt+d, t Return to Titles Index
    Alt+d, h Return to Headings list
    Alt+[minus sign], t Next record (of multiple open records
    Alt+f, c Close active record
    Alt+f, o Close all open records
    Alt+r, b Retrieve by barcode
    Alt+r, i, b Retrieve by bib_id
    Alt+r, i, h Retrieve by mfhd_id
    Alt+r, i, i Retrieve by item_id
    Alt+r, i, a Retrieve by auth_id
    Alt+r, n, b Create new bib record
    Alt+r, n, a Create new auth record
    Alt+r, r, Alt+n Create new mfhd record
    Alt+r, t Create new item record
    Alt+r, c Copy record
    Alt+r, p, n Import record from new file
    Alt+r, p, v Import record from previous file
    Alt+r, v Save record to database
    Alt+f, t, n New template
    Alt+f, t, e Edit template
    Ctrl+A Save As
    Ctrl+B Save to database
    Ctrl+C Copy
    Ctrl+D Diacritic Mode
    Ctrl+E Diacritic Entry
    Ctrl+G Global Headings Change
    Ctrl+H Validate Heading
    Ctrl+K Verify 856 Link
    Ctrl+L Show Holdings Locations
    Ctrl+P Print Record
    Ctrl+Q Save to Database + Close
    Ctrl+S Save
    Ctrl+U Insert URL from browser
    Ctrl+V Paste
    Ctrl+X Cut
    Ctrl+F4 Close open window
    Keyboard Shortcuts Within MARC Records
    Shortcut Action
    Alt+l Open LDR
    Alt+6 Open 006
    Alt+7 Open 007
    Alt+8 Open 008
    Ctrl+l (with cursor in 852 subfield b) Display valid locations
    Ctrl+x Cut text
    Ctrl+c Copy text
    Ctrl+v Paste text
    Alt+[minus sign], n Minimize record window
    Alt+[minus sign], x Maximize record window
    Alt+[minus sign], r Restore minimized window
    Alt+r, y View record history

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