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    Which files should I preserve when installing new clients?

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 7.2.3


    Which files should I preserve when installing new clients to maintain the individual user's client settings? 

    Note that these instructions also apply to re-installing existing Voyager clients.


    Take some time to review and think about what files may be customized in C:\Voyager as the entire directory will be overwritten by the installation process.  The following list is not necessarily inclusive.

    To maintain user functionalities copy off the following prior to any upgrade of the clients to avoid having them overwritten:

    1. Customized files such as tag tables and template files in the Catalog directory, and the Circ.ini file in C:\Voyager\Circulation.
    2. The Voyager.ini file found in c:\Voyager
    3. The Reports.mdb file in the Access Reports directory (C:\Voyager\Access Reports\)
    4. REMEMBER: Copy any Offline Circulation files to a safe location before the new clients are installed on the PC.
    5. If you run Call Slip, save a copy of the Callslip.ini file in C:\Voyager\Misc and then you can copy it back in after updating the clients.
    6. If you run Voyager's Self Check, save a copy of the CircSC.ini file in C:\Voyager\Circulation and then copy it back after updating the clients.
    7. If you have customized Due Date and other circulation slips because you use a receipt printer, save a copy of the Circ.ini file in C:\Voyager\Circulation.
    8. Customized files such as circnotes.mdb (used for printed notices) and NoticeEmail.cfg (used for emailed notices) in C:\Voyager\Reporter.

    If you prefer, you can simply make a copy of your entire C:\voyager folder.  Just right-click on the voyager folder, click copy and then paste it to another location.  That way you have a backup of everything in the folder.  Be aware that you can't run the clients from a folder copied over this way; they won't work.

    Additional Information

    See also Voyager® Technical User’s Guide, Chapter 4 "Voyager Client Information and the Voyager.ini file."

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2020