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    acq: search for edi messages by outgoing gives incoming messsages

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 2001.2

    Bug Report for Issue # 17073

    Module: Acquisitions
    Other Modules that are affected or might have an affect:
    Release(s): 2001.2
    PC O/S (if this is PC specific):
    Server Platform(s) affected: All
    Browser type & version (if WebVoyage):

    Expected Results:
    Search by: Message status: will give a list of outgoing message statuses

    Actual Results:
    If you search by date (Send, Create or Update) and get a list of results, then search by Message status,
    the list of options will come from the Incoming statuses rather than the Outgoing ones.
    Customer says that once the Message status options are the wrong ones, the options for Message type
    are also the options for incoming (invoice, etc).

    Workflow implications:
    Can't search by date then message status, need to close search window and re-open

    Replication steps:
    Do a search by date.
    Once results are displayed (or you get none), change criterion to Message Status.
    Look at Search For options, notice that they are from the Incoming Statuses, not Outgoing.


    • Article last edited: 3/19/2015