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    Voyager 7: Show Me the Money


    This is a look at the tables that are used during the process of ordering, invoicing, and ledger maintenance. This session not only explains what values display in a ledger and why, but provides the building blocks for developing custom reports for Acquisitions data. We'll create ledgers, funds, orders and invoices, query the database on the fly, and go over some of the most frequently asked questions about using Voyager Acquisitions to track financial data.

    The general agenda:

    • Client-side basics
    • Accessing financial data
    • Tracking financial data


    This course includes the following sessions:


    Course duration: 2 hours


    Intended audience:

    Voyager Acquisitions Librarians, System Librarians



    Basic knowledge of SQL is required to fully benefit from this lesson.


    Course handouts:

    Show Me the Money Handout

    Show Me the Money - Exercises Workbook