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    Remove bX Logo from SFX Menu

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: bX
    • Product Version: 4

    Desired Outcome Goal:
    Remove bX logo from the SFX Menu (also sometimes called the Services tab or More tab in Primo)

    To remove the logo, on the SFX server:
    a. tm [templates directory for your instance]
    b. cd css/simplified_template1/
    c. vi sfxmenu.css
    d. add this line:
    span.alignRight img { display:none }

    Additional Information

    Note that the image contains a tooltip explaining bX, so it could be useful to users if the image is replaced with a ? or some other information-indicating icon. The text of the tooltip is configurable from the SFX admin > Configuration > Translation & Display > SFX Main Menu > Message Code = ”Displayer->Recommendation->Title->bX How does it work”
    TMPL_VAR IMG_DIR = enter: tm; cd img/bx
    TMPL_VAR BX_LOGO_IMAGE = bx_logo.png

    The bX logo-related HTML is in the file
    <span class="alignRight alignRight_"><img src="<TMPL_VAR IMG_DIR>/<TMPL_VAR BX_LOGO_IMAGE>" longdesc="<TMPL_VAR 'MESSAGE("SFX Menu Main","Displayer--Recommendation--Title--bX How does it work")'>" title="<TMPL_VAR 'MESSAGE("SFX Menu Main","Displayer--Recommendation--Title--bX How does it work")'>"> </span>

    For more information about bX-SFX Interoperability, see DocCenter > Cross-Product > Integrations > bX-SFX > bX-SFX Configuration Guide.pdf

    Category: Interoperability (SFX)

    Subject: bX - SFX

    • Article last edited: 11/20/2013