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    App Center Beta Testing Overview

    App Center is used by ExLibris campusM to distribute iOS and Android Beta releases to app Beta testers.
    To become a Beta tester for an app, you must receive an invitation to test a specific app. 

    iOS App Center Beta Testers

    To become an iOS Beta tester:
    1. Register your iOS device with App Center—for example, by opening on the device. For detailed information about registering iOS devices, see Testing iOS Apps.
    2. A notification is sent to Ex Libris that a new device has been registered.
    3. Ex Libris provisions the app for the new device.
    4. You receive a notification confirming the app is available for download.
      iOS Beta releases are available for download within 5 business days of a new device being registered. If you do not receive a notification in this time after registering a new device, contact Ex Libris.
    5. Download and install the app.

    The maximum number of each device type that you can register per membership year is:

    • Apple TV: 100
    • Apple Watch: 100
    • iPad: 100
    • iPhone: 100
    • iPod Touch: 100

    Android App Center Beta Testers

    Android does not require Beta releases to be provisioned for specific devices. Testers can install Android Beta releases on their device immediately, without having to wait for Ex Libris to make any changes. Note that there is an unknown source restriction enabled by default on Android devices, which can easily be disabled under the device's security settings. For more information about installing Android Beta apps, see Testing Android Apps.
    Although it is not required, it is recommended that all Android testers register their devices with App Center, as this makes troubleshooting easier if any issues are identified with a release. In addition, the App Center Android app, provided when registering an Android device, makes managing releases much easier. You can register your Android device with App Center by opening using the device’s mobile browser.
    For more information on App Center - view the FAQ.
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