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    HockeyApp Beta Testing Overview

    HockeyApp is used by ExLibris campusM to distribute iOS and Android beta releases to app testers.
    All testers must be invited to be a beta tester for the apps they wish to test. 
    Once a tester has been invited to their organization’s team to test a specific app, before any beta releases can be accessed, they will need to create an account with HockeyApp and register their devices.

    iOS HockeyApp beta testers

    New iOS testers cannot install an iOS beta release straight away after creating an account with HockeyApp and registering their devices. The Ex Libris team first needs to capture the identifier of their devices and generate a new provisioning profile for the release. To enable this to happen the only action the tester needs to take is to register their iOS devices with HockeyApp. The easiest way to register an iOS device with HockeyApp is to open using the Safari browser on the device. More information about registering iOS devices can be found here.
    Every time an iOS tester registers a new device with HockeyApp, a notification is automatically sent to Ex Libris informing us that a new device has been registered. We’ll then provision the app for the new device, after which you will receive a notification confirming the it is available to download. 
    We try to make iOS beta releases available for download within 24 hours of a new device being registered. If you don't receive a notification in this time, after registering a new device, please contact us.
    Refer to the documentation provided here for more information about installing iOS beta apps.

    Android HockeyApp beta testers

    Android does not require beta release to be provisioned for specific devices. Testers can install Android beta releases on their device straight away without having to wait for Ex Libris to make any changes. The only thing to be aware of is the unknown sources restriction enabled by default on Android devices - this can easily be disabled from the device settings under security. Refer to the documentation provided here for more information about installing Android beta apps.
    Although it is not required, we recommend that all Android testers register their device with HockeyApp, as this makes troubleshooting easier if any issues are identified with a release. Also, the HockeyApp Android app, provided when registering an Android device, makes managing releases much easier. Android devices can be registered with HockeyApp by opening using the device’s mobile browser.
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