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    Tomcat logs configuration

    • Product: campusM

    This article describe an addition to our recommendation for the Tomcat server (Connect Layer) logs configuration. The addition should be put in place in order to prevent logging of sensitive information.


    Setup Tomcat Log file

    The campusM on-premise Connect Layer code generates log files on your institution locally-installed Tomcat's log directory. The logs must be managed to ensure they do not cause the disk to run out of space. To mitigate the issue please create a logrotate cron job or similar to compress old log files, e.g. over 2 weeks old. It is suggested to delete or archive compressed log files over 1 month old.

    Make sure to review that the script and process is working adequately once web services are in use on the server, and ensure that all log files are included by the time the campusM service is live.

    Please verify the following configuration to prevent log of sensitive information:

    <Valve className="org.apache.catalina.valves.AccessLogValve" directory="logs"

    prefix="localhost_access_log." suffix=".txt"

    pattern="%h %l %u %t &quot;%m %U %H&quot; %s %b" />




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