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    campusM Release Cycle – Native App Deployments

    • Product: campusM
    • Operating system: iOS, Android.
    Environment Production Release Candidate Preview Sandbox

    The Release Candidate is the currently available production release of campusM app and, aligned with your Production Environment. This can be deployed to the App and Play stores as your Production App on your request.

    The Preview App allows you to preview the release of your App due in the following month, as per Release Schedule and runs within the Preview Environment.  The campusM Preview Environment is a clone of the Production Environment. A snapshot of your Production Environment is taken just before the release date and migrated to the Preview Environment.

    Each month the Preview Environment is upgraded, and the code base updated to the next release as per the Release Schedule. So, for example, in May, you will receive a preview of the June release of your app.

    The Sandbox App, similar to the Release Candidate App being the currently available production release of campusM app but aligned with your Sandbox Environment. This allows you to test out new configurations and AEK code safely in a separate Sandbox Environment without affecting your Production Environment.

    The Sandbox Environment itself mirrors the latest production environment code whilst preserving your specific sandbox data, including any configuration and AEK code.

    App Center Apps

    iOS Release Candidate

    Android Release Candidate

    iOS Preview App

    Android Preview App

    iOS Sandbox App

    Android Sandbox App
    Naming Convention

    <version number>-RC-CAMPUSM-<release month>-<release year>-(<build number>)

    For example:

    VERSION (13737)

    <version number>-Preview-CAMPUSM-<release month>-<release year>-(<build number>)

    For example


    <version number>-SB-CAMPUSM- <release month>-<release year>-(<build number>)

    For example:


    App name on your device

    RC<release month number>. <your Production App name>

    App Icon Release Candidate

    PV<release month number>. <your Production App name>

    App Icon Preview

    SB<release month number>. <your Sandbox App name>

    App Icon Sandbox

    Listing in App Center HockeyApp Listing Release Candidate HockeyApp Listing Preview HockeyApp Listing Sandbox
    Listing in campusM App Settings App Settings Release Candidate App Settings Preview App Settings Sandbox


    • Article last edited: 10-May-2018
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